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Wheeljack came into Bones’ repair bay, a scowl on his faceplates. He hadn’t been able to catch the mech responsible for his particular decoration to force him to reverse it, so he’d had to go to a medic about it. Ratch was busy as always, and he didn’t really want to give the medic something to hold over his head, either. Without prompting, he sat on an open platform, trying to keep quiet as long as possible to avoid the flashing. Sides was an aft, though, since he’d set them to go off every so often - randomized, of course - even when he wasn’t talking, and his headfins flashed a bright, irritated red.

Seeing the flash in the corner of his vision, he rolls his optics and looks at the medic. “Sideswipe’s an aft,” he explains in a clipped tone, flashes brief. “He apparently got the idea to sabotage my headfins while I recharged.” Not that it was easy for the mech to have done that, but he wasn’t planning on getting into particulars until the flashing was disabled. The situation was ridiculous enough without lengthy explanations. “What can you do to reverse it?” The fins flash red orange in irritated curiosity as he asks his question.

[You may not be aware of this development. Sideswipe wired up Jack’s headfins with LEDs to flash like G1 Jack’s when he talks. >_>; ]

((Loling so much right now.))

Bonesetter chuckled as he watched the fins flash, “I think so though I have ta admit these are kinda cute.”

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